Brad Olson, Senior Platforms Engineer, SkySpecs

Table-driven testing has been around a long time (see the ‘Prior Art’ section toward the bottom), but I am going to talk here about the tools that Jest provides to make table-driven testing even easier.

Table driven tests let you get a lot of coverage in a little code — not just code coverage, but error-space coverage. It doesn’t fit every situation, but when you want to cover a collection of scenarios, table-driven tests help you focus on the inputs and outputs of your code.

Another advantage of table driven tests is that the…

Matt Fisher, Principal JavaScript Engineer, SkySpecs

One of the things we have discussed at length as a team is how we test our code. Automation vs manual QA. Unit vs integration tests. Static typing as “testing”. These are all conversations that have come up. But one of the more interesting but nebulous questions we have asked as a team is “how do we write testable code?” This is a great question, but it leads to an even more basic question. What IS testable code? …

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